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  The Lyricism of color
Romanelli´s art is fruit of his complete dedication to painting, a love at first sight, which gave him certainty that in this life he could only be an artist. A mission of perpetuating and surpassing the cultural and social values, through his artistic sensibility, was intensely assumed by Romanelli since the beginning of his journey, 40 years ago. The lyricism of Romanelli´s images invades the thoughts of those who admire and, certainly, a visit to this exhibition will arouse the states of the soul of the spectator, awakening touching feelings that make us wish for a better world. In all of his paintings, as landscapes, Iemanjás or harvests, his interest in perpetuating a tender sight of life, richly represented through his vibrating and multicolored palette. Casa França - Brasil comes, with this exhibition, to reaffirm it’s compromise with the cultural life of Rio de Janeiro, revealing to it’s public artists whom, for their talent, have conquered it’s place close to the sun of Brazilian’s art universe.

Dalva Lazaroni de Moraes
President of Casa França Brasil
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